• Brunette, UK

    I could not be happier with my results. Whole experience has been genuinely. All journey started with an immediate phone call, after I requested one to get more information. Initially contacted an alternative company in Turkey but ended up there, cause I was ignored after being suggested to add series of some other surgeries to initially what I wanted to get done. Entire process is well managed and I appreciate on time behaviour of entire staff, from doctor to nurses and the lady who has been the greatest ever with exhausting list of my questions before my arrival and booking. I was booked for Dec 7, so for about 4 months I was in regular contact. It’s been almost two months only, but I believe doctor’s bedside manner was the best thing, no need to glamorize but it was truly amazing.
  • Maria, Lebanon

    I am kinda sceptical towards getting a surgery done without any physical contact, but crazily I did. Wanted to get my stomach firmer and flat after life changing pregnancy deformities which is hard to deal with either emotionally and mentally, and did all the research online and Dr.Ersin told me to lose weight before I go for it, and I did not know how. So entire plan has changed and all of a sudden I was up to gastric botox to get myself ready for tummy tuck to lose sufficient weight, and had two trips in a year. First got my stomach injection and liposuction to inner thigs and then tummy tuck. All gone very smooth, Staff were incredible, service was the best. Filled with all information I needed by the doctor, advised me what to do through the whole procedure aswell as after care. Healing not completed yet but everything seems to be fine.
  • Denny, USA

    A friend in LA working as an ambassador got me through to the clinic, was contacted straight forward and explained everything in one go, the clinic staff was amazing and well intentioned and nice all the time from beginning to end, made my mind in few days and booked in to get my nose job done. All ended up with a natural looking nose, could not get anything better. The best thing was that I was dropped off and picked every time I unnecessarily became freaked out of my mild pain, but I didn’t obviously feel that way at that moment cause I was millions of miles away from home and as stressed as I could, as it was my first with a surgery and all. All and all these people and the dr, the clinic, all that strangely smiling people were great at hospitality. Wish you guys all the best!
  • Samir, UK

    My entire surfing started online and finished face to face. I had my male breast issue for years and it took me centuries to come to the finish line, luckily it all happened with Mono. I did not wanna book on a package, as it is mostly how it works but had a quick visit to the clinic and drove over there directly , as I was on a holiday with an Irish friend in Kusadas. I did some research and noticed Izmir was just an hour away and I knew there has been and will always be legend surgeons. Dr. Idris, which seemed at the very first glance, kindest and dearest person ever, and the interpreter together got all my questions answered in an hour and I got scheduled for the procedure for the next week upon my visit. And easy-peasy. All done and I flew back after 6 days. Besides all, I was nervous mostly about the scarring however they are truly shadowy. Thanks a lot for looking after me well.
  • Clara, Germany

    I was not so sure at very first if I wanted to get this done. Honestly I was convinced to get my boob implants cause a friend of mine did it with Mono first. But luckily the lady from the clinic who explained everything before I booked in was right there all the time whenever I needed her around. Besides booking and all, the doctor Mr.Ersin is truly amazing, and coolest person ever seen, and did pretty good job on my breasts, from choosing the size and shape to explaining some medical terms and stuff which I don’t remember at all now, he was the boss and I never meant to say a single word, cause I didn’t need to. It is just my post-op 4th month however, I felt also pretty good even on the day after the surgery. Clinic is very good, everyone was and has been quite friendly. I do not wanna glamorize but clinic is superb, and very good at price and performance. Thanks to all, but many many thanks to my super hero doctor.
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